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I'm like the ringleader; I call the shots ☠

I'm like a fire cracker; I make it hot~ ♪

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Birthdate:Apr 6
Location:Wisconsin, United States of America
Website:INO_@ LJ

CODEName | Angelique; `Artist` RPer` Writer` Seme` Zombie`☣
Alias | Angel/Katana/Kat/Ino/Godzilla ☢
Obsession | Gurren Lagann, Death Note, & Lost. ♥

LIKES: Cori. Bakuman. Your Mom. Random quotes. Silly comics. Truth or Dare. Gay guys. Yaoi. Taking Back Sunday. Musicals. Angsty/Emolious Characters. Gaia Online. CLAMP. Role Playing. Fan fiction...GOOD Fan fiction. SIMS 2. Felines. iLife. Firefox. Cameras. Paramore. Supernatural occurrences. Google. American Comic Books. Doctor Who. Wikipedia. Attention. Japanese Music. Debates. The British. Tea/Coffee. White Rice. Being devious. Doing what I want, when I want. Getting what I want. Plotting. Ragnarok. Friends. Humor.

DISLIKES: Your face. Homophobes. Drama Llama. Alcoholics. Pointless fighting. Backstabbers. Suck ups. Brown nosers. Idiots. George 'DUBYA' Bush. Stupid Slash pairings. Rabid Fangirls. Morons. Copy-cats. Tards of any fandom. The word 'Weeabo'. Crazy bitches. Wank. Elitist. Immaturity. Passive Aggressiveness.

[community profile] iam the ALFRED F. JONES / AMERICA (Axis Powers Hetalia) of Dreamwidth!

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